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April 21, 2015

Tips for renting your photo location

It’s important to remember when your are making a listing for rent, that amateur or professional photographers may choose to rent your property or location.

When making a listing its a good idea to have in mind what type of activity you would be happy with being carried out in your space.

Amateur photographers are much less likely to have bulky lighting equipment or even assistants helping them out.

Professional photographers may ask to bring extra equipment with them to the location such as video and sound recording equipment, props or lighting.


It’s a good idea to provide any extra details about how to find or locate your rent location. If your space is a little hidden or in a back alley it can make a world of difference pointing out a landmark point to anyone trying to locate your property.

Provide any recommendations to allow photographers to plan their shoot

Your location may require extra lighting or additional power outlets to get a great shot, its a good idea to tell the photographer before they arrive.

Personality is appreciated – recommend things or places you might go to get a bite or relax if it is in-between shoots or taking a break.

Use the tips above and you’re bound to get great reviews and feedback:

“Our host’s tip about the cheap food to grab nearby were right on. We’ll definitely be back again!”


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One thought on “Tips for renting your photo location

  • on April 21, 2018

    I rented my rooftop location on the site. I had people asking to come and do a shoot in under a week!I was impressed at the response

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