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April 20, 2015

Snap A Space Fees and policies

Snap A Space Fees and Policies
What are Snap A Space service fees? To help with the operation of the Snap A Space platform, we charge various service fees.

Fees related to rented Photography Spaces, animals or objects

Host Hire Fees

Hosts will have a 5% hire fee deducted once a listing of theirs is hired and the facilitation has taken place.

Listing a location, prop or object for hire on Snap A Space is free for all hosts and property owners.

Snap A Space site fee is only applied once an object or location has been hired by a photographer.

The hire fee is automatically deducted before the final payment (For hosting) is made into the host’s bank account. The fee is only deducted once the location has been approved, payment finalized and hosting has taken place.

Photographer fees

photographers must give hosts two working days notice if they are wishing to cancel a scheduled hosting.

If hosting is canceled by a photographer (within the two working days notice) the host will be given 30% of the total hire fee (NO hire fee will be taken by Snap A Space) and remaining 70% returned to the photographer

If hosts are not given the full two working days notice 100% of the fee (minus 5% hire fee) will be given to the host.

If a hosting is canceled by the host 100% of the hire fee will be returned to the photographer, with NO fee taken by Snap A Space

Payments and finalization

Payments to hosts will be completed via our secure online payment system and deposited into the host’s chosen bank account.

The payments will be finalized and sent to the host’s bank account 5 – 7 business days after hiring has taken place.

Click here to add your bank account details and start receiving payments.

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