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April 21, 2015

Listing objects and props for hire


Listing objects and props for hire

Listing objects and props for photography is a great way to earn extra income and also become involved in a creative process.

Have a classic car? or a photogenic pet? a one-off piece of art or even a stunning piece of furniture, why not list it and have it feature in a shoot.

If you own an object that would look amazing in a photoshoot and you would love to have it photographed, you can easily list it on our site for free.

First, you’ll need to sign up to Snap A Space and create a user account with us.

Be sure to fill in all the relevant details such as your contact details and your bank account details so you can be paid once your object or prop is hired.

To list your object on Snap A Space we require 8 high quality (high res photos) of your object.

Next, you’ll need to tell people looking to hire your object a bit about it, what makes it special and maybe even a little about its back story.

People love to hear about the history of a unique object and it also really adds another element to the story of your possession.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on a per hour hire fee that you would be happy to receive for the use and hire of your object or prop.

Once the listing process has been finished and saved to our site, the photos will then be moderated to see if they meet Snap A Space submission criteria.

Once the application has been approved and verified the object will then be posted on the site for hire from photographers.

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