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April 21, 2015

Listing objects for photos


Listing objects for photos

Listing objects for photos is a great way to earn money and show off your prized possession. Have an expensive car? great! A one off piece of art or even a retro refrigerator, why not list it and make it a prized photo worthy piece.

If you own an object that is photo worth and would love to have people being photographed with it, clean, polish and scrub it up! or if you think its better left it original condition, do so.

Next, take 8 high quality (high res photos) of your photo worthy object and list it with us here at Snap A Space, under “objects” along with the location and per hour or daily rental fee.

The photos will then be moderated to see if they meet Snap A Space submission criteria. Once the application has been approved and verified, the object will then be posted on the site for hire by amateur and professional photographers.

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