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April 20, 2015

How Snap A Space works

How Snap A Space Works

Snap A Space is a hiring and renting platform designed for amateur and professional photographers to find and hire photography and film locations.

We also allow the leasing and hiring of photography props such as motorcycles, cars, furniture and nearly anything that would look amazing in a photo shoot.

We aim to make finding and hiring interesting locations and props a whole lot easier.

How to list a location

If you are the owner or a lessee (provided you have permission) to a location or an object that would make for an amazing photo shoot you can easily list it on our site for hire.

First you will need to create a new user account on our site and fill in all the relevent details, including your contact information and your bank account details, so that you can be paid once your location or prop is hired.

Next, you’ll need 8 high quality (high res photos) to submit when creating your listing.

To submit your new listing you’ll also need to fill all the other relevent details such as the address of your location and a detailed description of what is for hire, including the per hour rental fee.

The photo shoot location or object will then be moderated to see if they meet Snap A Space submission criteria. Once the application has been approved and verified, the location or object will then be posted on the site for hire by photographers.

How to rent a location

If you are a photographer looking for a new location or studio for hire, Snap A Space is here to help.

To rent a location or prop you first need to:

  • Sign Up to our site and create a new user account.
  • Select an area you would like to work in.
  • Find a suitable location or prop that you would like to hire.
  • We have many different categories available to choose from including, rooftops, gardens, studios etc.
  • Select a start and end date or (if you require multiple days) you are wanting to shoot on.
  • Your application to hire the location or prop will then be sent to the property owner for his or her approval.
  • Once the owner has assessed the application (the owner has the right to approve or dismiss the application) dependent on their own personal evaluation.
  • Payment for the hire of the location or prop is required upfront.
  • If for any reason your application is later canceled by the host, your total hire fee will be refunded.
  • For more information on fees and our hiring terms and conditions, check out our fees page.
  • An email will then be sent out once your application is approved and confirmed.
  • Once an application is confirmed, its a great idea to check if you will need to hire any extra equipment, charge batteries, find models or even wardrobe accessories.
  • Be sure to keep in touch with your host through the messaging service if you have any extra concerns or would like to ask any additional questions about the location.
  • Please share any great photos you get with us on our social media pages for everyone to enjoy!

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